Sleep essay film / 2021

status: post-production

version: raw cut

"Life is a traffic between world and bed. No matter where I go, where I am, there is this place that connects everything—the bed—the centre of the world."


- Vilém Flusser

SLEEP (W.T.) is film within film. The story is about a woman who is looking for images. She goes to bed in one place and wakes up at the other end of the world. Her meditative journey extends over different countries.

The topic is the relationship between nature and mathematics, hunger for images and the search for sleep.


Filmed in: Astrakhan, Bari, Berlin, Kalmyia, Marrakesh, Matera, Rome, Sahara, St. Petersburg, Tangier.


Cameras: Arri Amira, Blackmagic Production 4K, Canon EOS C300, Sony Alpha 6300, DJI Drone

Support: Astrakhan Ministerium of Culture, Goethe Institute, the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, University of the Arts Berlin

Format: FULL HD, color

Length: 71 min

Language: English, Russian


Production Countries     

Germany, Russia, Israel

Script and Editing

Kristina Paustian

Director of Photography

Kristina Paustian

Sarah Yona Zweig

Yuri Tokarev

Music by

Oren Ambarchi

Founded by

The Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) and the Robert Bosch Foundation


Realised at Tissardmine Artist Residency in Sahara and the Künstlerhaus Lukas in Germany