Zaplyv Film / 2015

HD, VHS, 78 min, 16:9, color, sound

"For the humble soul of the Russian common people, worn out by grief and toil, and still more by the everlasting injustice and everlasting sin, his own and the world’s, it was the greatest need and comfort to find someone or something holy to fall down before and worship."


- Fyodor Dostoevsky 

SWIMMERS is a sketch of an attempt to maintain collective belief on the border of science, cosmology and psychedelic trance theater.

Run-down houses in an abandoned settlement in the southern corner of Russia. A controversial physicist, Boris Zolotov lives here. In the mid-1980s, Zolotov decided to leave the walls of the Soviet research institutions to follow his own beliefs. Today these take the form of hour-long swimming rituals and night-time theater performances. A group of people have collected around him, who choose to share his journey. Like many in the group, the young Ekaterina was led here by the many questions which remained unanswered elsewhere. Together with Boris Zolotov, she discusses the concept of happiness.

Director, Cinematography and Editing

Kristina Paustian


Kristina Paustian

Executive Producer

György Gattyàn


Dramaturgical Advisors

Normen Perke, Clarissa Thieme

Production Advisor

Elisabetta Pilia

Director of Photography of Archive Footage

Jurij Svetlakov, Aleksandr Udalov, Fedor Ivachov, Mikhail Murizin


Artem Bezukladnikov 

Color Grading

Ioannis Kaltirimtzis

Sound Design

Christian Obermaier

Sound Mix

Jochen Jezussek


Annie Goh



University of the Arts Berlin 

In Collaboration with

Kristina Paustian and György Gattyàn


Poster by

Nika Korniyenko


2015 Visions du Réel International Film Festival

2015 Message to Man International Film Festival

2015 Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

          East Silver Market

2015 Duisburger Filmwoche

          ***ARTE Documentary Award***

2015 Torino Film Festival - TFFDOC/INTERNAZIONALE.DOC

2015 ArtDocFest Moscow, Russia

2016 dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg


2016 Arsenal Berlin

2016 Nova Cinema Echos of Jihlava, Brussels

2016 Screencity Paris

2018 Arsenal Berlin

2019 Feldfünf, Berlin