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1985 4 channel video installation / 2016

HD, 7 min (loop), 4:3, color, sound

1985 consist of four big projections. It deals with emotional conditioning of the Soviet regime through cinematography. It creates a highly emotional space & allows the viewer to experience the emotional manipulation of the Soviet cinema in a concentrated way. 

The work can be extended by a lecture, giving an overview of the development of the cinematography according to the change of the political leaders in Russland in the SU and also the nowadays. The installation works with film footage that was officially released in Soviet Union in 1985. The focus on this particular year date has at least two reasons: firstly 1985 marked a political transition process and the straight path toward the fall of the Soviet Union as Gorbachev came to power. Secondly 1985 has a personal component - artist‘s birthday year.

Thanks to Franz Reimer.

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