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Positions Video / 2016

HD, 8:22 min, sound, color

The work Positions shows uniformed, armed women in a pose of defense against the background of a sunny skyline. The camera brings the viewers very close to the protagonists and allows them to watch the situation securely. The viewer lingers in this state - at times in sight of the women, at times among them. The real action is dislocated outside the visible region, so that one can only guess what happens in the protagonists’ field of vision.

Positions is a study of the posture, the role assignments and their fulfillment. Thereby the work does not aim so much at a statement about self-defense against a particular person or group of people, but rather at a resistance to structures, systems or normative gender concepts; an ongoing struggle and celebration of an aesthetic of contradictions.

Concept, production and realisation
Kristina Paustian

Director of Photography

Katharina Hauke


2nd Camera

 Julia M. Müller



Artem Bezukladnikov


Production Assistant and Unit Manager

Anton Werner


Costume Design

Rufina Rudolph


Kristina Paustian, Franz Reimer


Sound Design

Christian Obermaier


Color Grading

Ioannis Kaltirimtzis



Daniela Imhoff, Dariya Susak, Diana Zhang, 
Katharina Forsch, Maryna Makarenko, Nora Bergbreiter, Sabrina Labis, Yu Ching Huang

With the friendly assistance of Bilfinger and Theater an der Parkaue.

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