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Fog Machine Video / 2016-2020

HD video, 14:31 min, sound, color

I met Ann Cotten and Marcus Steinweg at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.). This encounter inspired me to create a video, which would be a continuation of the series dedicated to the topic of language. Previous works were Meditations (2015) and Prize Dieu [...] (2013).

The language, as we know, is as a construct of signs. It is a tool organizing of unterstanding of the world we live in. The construct of signs is there not only to describe and to transfer, but also to create meaning of what surrounds us. In „Windows" and „The Fog Machine“, the two worlds of poetry and philosophy are interacting with each other and sharing insights of the everyday life practice.
We drove into the nature by the city of Potsdam, known for its high culture history and visits of Voltaire. For a better comfort I organized a sofa, which was put upon a truck.

Ann Cotten (* 1982, Ames, Iowa) is an American-born Austrian writer. Her literary work is high valued beyond the literature, in the fields of fine arts, theory and philisophy. She lives in Vienna and Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Marcus Steinweg (*1971 in Koblenz) lives in Berlin, is a professor for Art and Theory at the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe. He has been working with the artists Thomas Hirschhorn and Rosemarie Trockel since the 1990s. He creates independent philosophical conceptual diagrams. Many of his texts and lectures move at the interface between art and philosophy.

Thanks to Marius Babias and Kathrin Becker.

Idea, Production
Kristina Paustian

Director of Photography

Katharina Hauke, Franz Reimer



Johannes Plank


Kristina Paustian


Sound Design

Christian Obermaier



Ann Cotten and Marcus Steinweg

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