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Priez Dieu Video / 2013

HD, 6:36 min, 16:9, color, sound

The gesture is what remains one , if you do not speak a language. It complements , highlights and replaces the Verständigungsakt. The highest form of hand movements is conducting. This idea is the basis visualization.

In Priez Dieu qu’il m’envoie un peu de génie [ … ] the artist undertakes a dialogue with the audience, initiated by the self-imposed rule of the waiver of the verbal interaction as such, in the spirit “What you can not talk, thereof one must be silent.” [1] If a loss for words when the stimulus and the situation beyond all possible actions, because it is too strong, too painful, too beautiful … is looking to this abstract for possible expressions of inner feelings. What remains is a staring a glance and gesture, in the hope of understanding. 


"Pray to God that he sends me a little talent."


– Albéric Magnard

[1] Wittgenstein, L.: Tractatus logico-philosophicus. Suhrkamp Verlag Frankfurt a.M. 2003, S. 111.


Daniela Arriado



Video Art Channel , 2015. European Media Art Festival, 48 Stunden Neukölln, VKunst Frankfurt, Ausland Berlin 2014.

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