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Laws of Time 2 channel video installation / 2019

2k, 29 min loop, sound, color

A cooperation between Kristina Paustian (Berlin University of the Arts),
Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz, Ulrich Reitebuch, Martin Skrodzki (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Free University of Berlin) and Stefan Auerbach (Web Developer)

"Imagine a young man with quick, restless eyes, holding a stringed instrument. Riveted to the strings of this instruments is the flickering phantom of humanity. Once science had learned to measure light rays, it became possible to manipulate their movement. Let us suppose that a wave of light is inhabited by intelligent beings who possess their own government, their own laws, even their own prophets. Let us take, for example, the law of the births of similar people. It states that a ray, the crests of whose waves mark the birthyears of great individuals with identical destinies, completes a single vibration in 365 years."


- Velimir Khlebnikov

Velimir Khlebnikov (1885–1922) is both a monistic and scientifically thinking artist and a scientific prophet and speculative prognosticator who is always in search of the key to the laws of time and destiny. With his visionary gamma concept, which “stirs up heaven with one end and hides in heartbeats with the other”, the poet creates an all-encompassing system and proclaims the qualitative leap from the physical world into the utopian-metaphysical realm. (Text: Anar Imanov)


Laws of Time is a dedication to the phenomenon of, a central topic in the theories of Velimir Khlebnikov.

Exhibition views from Feldfünf, February 2019

Format: 2k, color, sound

Length: 29 min, loop

2 Raspberry players

Director, Editing

Kristina Paustian


Kristina Paustian, Dariya Susak, Fedor Goncharov,


Dariya Susak

Director of Photography 

Sarah Yona Zweig

Assistant Camera

Alexei Orlov, Yuri Tokarev

Sound Recording

Nikita Alekseenko

Sound Design

Christian Obermaier


Kristina Paustian, Nikita Zolotov

Technical Support

Klaus Sagi, Marc Schamuthe

Financial Support

KKWV (commission for artistic and scientific research)

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