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Velimir's Prophecy feature film / tbc

status: financing

"I have discovered the fundamental Laws of Time, and I believe that now it will be easy to predict events as to count to three. If people don't want to learn my art of predicting the future... I shall teach it to horses."


- Velimir Khlebnikov

What would you do with an algorithm that predicted the future? Timekeeper is a film about the mathematician Velimir Khlebnikov, who believed that he could control time.


Today. Midsummer. European tourists meet at the monument to Velimir in an abandoned place. There is no name on the stone, so they are left to guess who it is dedicated to. A genius? A weirdo? In the past, as the world was on the verge of a big war, the socially maladjusted mathematician and poet Velimir Khlebnikov entered a city to help people. Over his shoulder was an old pillowcase that he was wearing as a backpack. In it were his calculations, written on crumpled paper, in a script so small that only he can understand it. Velimir believed that events repeat themselves at certain intervals. If one could just find the right algorithms, he believed, then the prediction of the future is possible and wars could be prevented. Velimir is sure that he alone is the one who has discovered these laws of time. He approaches random people on the street and asks:

“I have an algorithm to prevent wars, whom can I contact here?”

1 prize at the feature film pitch forum

43 Moscow International Film Festival, 2021

Format: 4k, color

Length: 90 min

Language: Russian, Kalmyk

Locations: Kalmykia, Astrakhan


Production countries     

Germany, Russia


Kristina Paustian


Igor Savelev, Kristina Paustian


Margarita Amineva-Jester, Tamara Bogdanova,

Yanna Buryak


Dariya Susak

Director of Photography 

Sarah Yona Zweig


Nikita Alekseenko

For more information please download the PDF below

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