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TIMEKEEPER  essay film / 2023

The writer and director Kristina Paustian is preoccupied with the idea of ​​making a film about the futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov, who died over 100 years ago. 



Velimir Khlebnikov was one of the biggest pacifists in early 20th century Russia, a futurist poet and mathematician, who believed it was possible to predict future wars. Immersed in the process of making a fiction film about him, the author of the film loses sleep, and at some point the project seems to come to a dead end. In order to establish a connection to Khlebnikov, she starts writing letters to him, in which she describes various scenes from the film that does not exist.

" I did not sleep for what feels like eternity. One of the side effects of insomnia is: the past merges with the present, and the future seems empty. I go to bed in one place and in the morning I find myself on the other end of the world, in different places: Italy, Russia, Sahara, Kalmykia. It was here for the first time I learned the name of Velimir Khlebnikov..."

© Kristina Paustian, Voices Films




Format: 2K, color

Length: 73 min

Language: English, Russian

A production of Voices Films

in co-production with Kinokult, Mimesis, Revolver



Margarita Amineva-Jester


Tamara Bogdanova, Yanna Buryak, Paolo Maria Spina, Darya Susak

Script, editing, executive production

Kristina Paustian

Director of Photography

Sarah Yona Zweig

Kristina Paustian

Yuri Tokarev

Music by

Oren Ambarchi

Founded by

The Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Elsa-Neumann-Stipend, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) and the Robert Bosch Foundation

Technical Support


Realised at

The Künstlerhaus Lukas, Urbane Künste Ruhr in Germany

Production Countries     

Germany, Russia, Italy

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