Timekeeper feature film / tbc

status: script is ready

looking for financing and co-production

"I have discovered the fundamental Laws of Time, and I believe that now it will be easy to predict events as to count to three. If people don't want to learn my art of predicting the future... I shall teach it to horses."


- Velimir Khlebnikov

Timekeeper is a film about the mathematician Velimir, who believed that he could control time.


Today. Midsummer. European tourists meet at the monument to Velimir in an abandoned settlement. There is no name on the stone. So the tourists are guessing, who it is. A genius? A weirdo?


In the past, as the world was on the verge of a big war, the socially maladjusted mathematician Velimir entered a city to help people. Velimir believed that events repeat themselves in some intervals, and one just needs to find the right algorithms – then the prediction of the future is possible, for example in case of wars. Velimir believed that he is the one who discovered these laws of time. So, he asked passers-by on the street, with whom can he speak?


"I would like to invite the viewers to join Velimir´s journey and to look at the world through the eyes of this unique person, who tried to embrace the whole world; he is the man who did everything to avoid death, but did nothing to live.“

- Kristina Paustian

Format: 4k, color

Length: 90 min

Language: Russian, Kalmyk

Locations: Kalmykia, Astrakhan


Production countries     

Germany, Russia


Kristina Paustian


Kristina Paustian, Konstantin Frank


Margarita Amineva, Fedor Goncharov, Kristina Paustian, Dariya Susak


Dariya Susak

Director of Photography 

Sarah Yona Zweig


Nikita Alekseenko

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