TWENTY-FOURTH (WT) documentary film / 2022
in production

The film project started shortly after February 24th, 2022.

The war in Ukraine, unleashed by the Russian troops, divided families, friends, colleagues with different opinions and different levels of awareness. „Being out of politics“ is not possible any longer. Many of us feel that they live in the novels of Kafka and Orwell, so absurd and surreal the current events are. Exchange and reflection on the reasons of this war and on the ways out of it - is the least people involved in culture can do now, until this nightmare is over, and after that as well - to restore trust and peace.

The film TWENTY-FOURTH (WT)  is an independent project that unites the voices of the European cinema. Agnieszka Holland (Polish film director), Maryna Er Gorbach (Ukrainian film director), Anton Dolin (Russian film crtic), Sergei Loznitsa (Ukrainian film director), Marysia Nikitiuk (Ukrainian film director), Yevgeniy Gindilis (Russian film producer), Anisa Sabiri (Tajik film director), Alexandr Zolotukhin (Russian film director), Christian Petzold (German film director) (tbc), Masha Novikova (Ukrainian film director), Vitaly Manski (Russian documentary filmmaker), Konstantin Selin (Russian documentary filmmaker), Vladimir Nadein (Russian film producer) are answering the question: how culture (films) and politics are connected? If the boycott of the Russian culture necessary to stop the war in Ukraine?

The primary purpose of this project is to open the discussion on the above mentioned topics and to listen to each other without hatred.

Special guest: Ekaterina Schulmann


The film will be an uncensored collection of the videos recorded by the guest participants themselves in their daily situations or filmed by us during online and live interviews with them.

© Kristina Paustian, Voices Films

Format: 2K, color

Length: tbc

Language: English, Russian, German, tbc


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Margarita Amineva-Jester

Script, editing, executive production
Kristina Paustian

Production Company

Voices Films