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TWENTY-FOURTH (WT) documentary film / 2022
in production

TWENTY-FOURTH (WT) is a documentary in hybrid form that gives insight into working at the first aid for war refugees.


The film project started shortly after February 24th, 2022.

When Russia invaded Ukraine last February, the director of the film, a German-Russian filmmaker living for 20 years in Berlin, stopped working on all her projects. Feeling the necessity to analyze the situation, Kristina started contacting other filmmakers - colleagues whom she knew before and new people, whose opinion was important to her. The filmmakers speak very personally about their situation and observations. They speak from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Germany, etc. 

From March 2022 Kristina was assisting the health professionals at the first aid at the Berlin welcoming center for war refugees for over six months and has collected many personal stories of the people who fled Ukraine. 


Visual approach

At the Ukrainian border – filming no faces, filming feet, shoes, suitcases, animal cages, cars, roads, etc. 

At the first aid for the refugees -  filming no patients but tables, papers, floor, views from windows, the stairway that leads to the treatment room, hands of health professionals, children drawings, etc.

The film TWENTY-FOURTH (WT)  is an independent project that unites the voices of the European cinema. Agnieszka Holland (Polish film director), Maryna Er Gorbach (Ukrainian film director), Anton Dolin (Russian film crtic), Sergei Loznitsa (Ukrainian film director), Marysia Nikitiuk (Ukrainian film director), Yevgeniy Gindilis (Russian film producer), Anisa Sabiri (Tajik film director), Alexandr Zolotukhin (Russian film director), Christian Petzold (German film director) (tbc), Masha Novikova (Ukrainian film director), Vitaly Manski (Russian documentary filmmaker born in Ukraine), Konstantin Selin (Russian documentary filmmaker), Vladimir Nadein (Russian film producer) are answering the question: how films, politics and war are connected?

The film will contain some additional footage: from everyday life, gathering of friends in Berlin, recordings from friends in Ukraine, etc.

© Kristina Paustian, Voices Films








Participations in training programs and film labs

Cutting Edge Talent Camp 2022

Format: 2K, color

Length: tbc

Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, tbc


Production Country    



Margarita Amineva-Jester

Script, editing, executive production
Kristina Paustian

Production Company

Voices Films





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