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Wälder und Steppen  Video / 2012 - 2013

HDV, 02:44 min, 4:3, bw, sound

In Wälder und Steppen Paustian uses the technique of cadrage (framing) – in this case a rhythmic arrangement of image sections, focal points and viewing angles, set to a soundtrack of Debussy’s Minstrels – to transform erotic images from the early days of photography into a sequence of fragmented ‘landscapes’ that appear very briefly and focus the viewer’s attention upon evocative details: hair, hands, breasts, stomachs, legs, couch, carpet... A subtle game of association that recalls the moving images created by the Lumière brothers.


Minstrels by Claude Debussy



Michael Kravtchin, 2012



Konzertverein Kassel

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